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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Click & Collect?

Checkers Click & Collect is a free service which allows you to place orders on-line for party platters every day and for bulk wines when promotions are active.

It is ideal for customers who want to collect freshly prepared party platters for a function or for those who would like to take advantage of our famous Wine Route promotions in order to buy wines in bulk.

Which stores offer Checkers Click & Collect?

The Click & Collect service is available at all Checkers and Checkers Hyper stores in South Africa.

Regrettably wines are by law not allowed to be sold in supermarkets in the Eastern Cape, but we’ll try our level best to accommodate any orders through the Checkers LiquorShops. By exception wines are not available at Checkers supermarkets where grocer wine licenses have not been issued as yet.

Why do I need to book a time slot?

To ensure your party platters are freshly prepared for your function and that bulk wines are ordered especially for you, picked and ready for collection upon your arrival.

What if I am late for collection?

Don’t worry if you are delayed.

The freshly prepared party platters will be kept aside for two hours after the selected collection time, but we will be in-touch to make sure you are still on your way.

Bulk wine orders will be kept for seven days after the selected collection date.

Where do I go in store to collect my orders?

Please go to the Branch Manager’s office and provide your order number to the manager on duty, who will immediately attend to your order.

Why are there different lead times for different items?

Party platters are freshly prepared in store and can be made 24 hours’ notice.

If we do not have enough stock to fulfil your bulk promotional wines order it will be especially ordered for you and then can take up to seven days to be delivered.

If there are any unforeseen delays we will be in touch with you to conform a new collection date.

Can I add products to my order when I come in to collect?

Certainly, all items are paid for in store and can be added to your shopping basket and paid for at any one of the cashiers.

Can I pay online?

Regrettably not in this point in time.
All goods are to be paid for at any one of the cashiers.

What does it cost?
The service is offered for free.

Your feedback on how we could improve the Checkers Click & Collect service is welcome. Kindly phone us toll-free at the Customer Care Line on 0800 01 07 09 .